Sunday 25th May 2008   from 10am till 1pm

Instructor John O’Connor                       

Tora Dojo (private dojo max 12 students)
50 Maple Close
Little stoke

BS34 6HH


Price £20




                    WEAPONS –The continuation of basic techniques and control of the weapon

Covering Kukishin ryu:  


hanbojutsu funamentals:


                    kamae - 3 main positions

                    basic movements - 8 basic evasive movements

                    hanbo nage - throwing the hanbo

                    Techniques agaist hand, foot, and grabs


Kukishin ryu sanjakubojutsu:


                    Shoden no kata - techniques agaist kodachi & Wakizashi





Open to all

01454 853508

Because of the physically taxing nature of Ninjutsu you must be over 16 years of age