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Did you know...

.. that as a new driver, you are more likely to have an accident in the first year after passing your test than at any other time in your motoring career. Your lack of experience means you are TWO SECONDS slower than a more practiced driver at recognising danger. Per mile of driving, the risk of an accident involving injury or death is about seven times greater for 17-20 years old than for those aged 40 or over. Drivers under 21 are involved in 15% of all accident deaths. New drivers make up just 10% of licence holders, but are involved in 29% of accidents.

Pass Plus is a route to safer driving and lower insurance!!

Pass Plus is backed by The Government, the Driving Standards agency and Car Insurance Companies. It is designed to make newly qualified drivers become better drivers and may even entitle you to cheaper car insurance.

A pass plus course consists of six specifically designed sessions, which are taken after you have passed your practical driving test.

The sessions include driving:

  • In town
  • On country roads
  • In all weathers
  • At night
  • On motorways and dual carriageways

Pass Plus gives extra experience and confidence on the road that otherwise take a long time to acquire. The aim of it is to offer further training (given to you and assessed by your instructor), which will help improve your driving skills. When your instructor is happy with your performance, you will receive a certificate from the Driving Standards Agency and up to 40% off of your car insurance!!

There are six modules during the Pass Plus course. These consist of:

Module One, Part One

Explanation about the course and its aims, challenge of positive driving, importance of drivers attitude.

Module One, Part Two

The practical module. This deals with:

  • Observation, judgement and awareness
  • Eye contact
  • Consideration for vulnerable road users
  • Being cautious
  • Keeping space around your car
  • Multi-lane junctions
  • Unusual roundabouts
  • Bus and cycle lanes
  • Under and over passes

Module Two

All weather driving, aiming to cover safe driving in rain, sleet & snow, mist & fog and bright sunshine. Make sure you can see and can be seen, decide what speed to drive at, apply rules in practice. This module also covers skidding: causes and how to avoid them, correcting slow speed skids and braking on poor surfaces.

Module Three

Out of town driving and rural roads.

  • The main differences from town driving.
  • Observing the road ahead.
  • Making progress safely.
  • Bends, hills and uneven roads.
  • Keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front.
  • Safe overtaking.
  • Special emphasis on: consideration for pedestrians, horse riders, sharp bends, use of horn, farm entrances, slow moving vehicles, animals and mud on the road.

Module Four

Night driving, covering:

  • The importance of headlights.
  • Adjusting to dark.
  • Driving at dusk and dawn.
  • Judging speed and distance.
  • Correct use of lights.
  • Dazzle.
  • Looking for pedestrians.
  • Being prepared for cyclists etc.

Module Five

A practical lesson on a 2 or 3 lane dual carriageway covering:

  • Effective observation.
  • Judgement and planning.
  • Joining and leaving dual carriageways.
  • Overtaking and lane discipline.

Modula Six

Motorway driving, covering:

  • Joining and leaving motorways.
  • Planning journeys in advance.
  • Safe speeds in different circumstances.
  • Effective observation and anticipation.
  • Signs, signals and marking.
  • Lane discipline.
  • Courtesy to other road users.
  • Motorway tiredness.
  • Breakdown procedure.

There is no test to take!

Most Motor Insurers supporting the scheme will give you one-years no claims bonus as soon as you insure your own car.
This could save you well in excess of the cost of the course.

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