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How does Ninpo Tai-Jutsu differ from other martial arts?

The majority of martial arts commonly practiced in the West were actually developed quite recently, despite popular misconceptions that they are thousands of years old. Most, such as Karate, Aikido, Kendo, Taekwondo and to a large extent Judo are in fact less than 100 years old in their current forms and while they developed out of older systems, today they have very different aims and goals than arts that have survived unaltered since the middle ages.

british bujinkan dojos Ninjutsu bristol john o'connor

Most of the martial arts taught today were developed within the past 100 years and were created as sport arts or for cultivation of the spirit. Most of these arts are what are called the "do" disciplines, such as tae kwon DO, karate-DO, juDO, kenDO, etc., and as a result, have a different mindset and training methods to authentic Koryu, or old martial arts.

It is important to say that there is nothing inherently 'wrong' with this, many of these arts are fine pursuits and offer much to their practitioners. However, Ninpo Tai-Jutsu techniques are based on an ancient and well-tested system of warrior disciplines handed down by nine historical Japanese family lineages, the techniques have been developed over centuries of conflict where the defender had to persevere and win against stronger, more numerous, and better equipped adversaries, and are still transmitted in the same way as they were in the mid 1600s. As a result the training encourages a mentality of survival rather than victory, and places higher store on strategic thinking, They do not rely on strength, speed, or size; rather our art utilizes natural, relaxed, efficient body movements, distancing, timing, and absolute practicality to defeat the adversary. 

Ninpo Taijutsu allows an individual to act in a free and spontaneous manner while remaining clear. This idea of "formless spontaneity" is something that dwells within all of us, so it is nothing to be gained as such, but rather rediscovered for each one of us through dedicated practice. The art of Ninjutsu is not only based upon learning a set of motions or techniques, it is awareness of countless principles that allow a "technique" to happen naturally.

The techniques have not been degraded or watered down for sports or personal refinement, nor are there any artificial rules, but are true koryu "old schools" that retain their true and effective martial capabilities.With this in mind the training is hard and full contact is expected or put more clearly " To understand a techniques fully you must first have felt it and practiced it full on with someone else"


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