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A very young Paul..2003

A very young Paul..2003

Massaki Hatsumi talk's about Takamatsu Toshitsugu the 33rd Grand Master.


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Grading tests

5th Kyu Test, an e-mail is sent to me with your score.

At 1st Dan, the test is on a mixed selection from the Syllabus

The following students have taken and passed the 1st Dan.


Robbie Bryant
Mark Lumber
Jordan Stutter

british bujinkan dojos Ninjutsu bristol ninpo taijutsu self defence ninja massaki hatsumi

At 5th Kyu, you are tested on your general knowledge

The following students have taken and passed the 5th Kyu knowledge test.


Jordan Stutter
Matt Gilson
Robbie Bryant
Kevin Britton
Brian Wright
Theo Borek